Friday, May 5, 2017

Why Goseva world for All?

4.     Why Goseva world for All?

Saving our cow is equal to saving total environment i.e Green world to all.

As we all know, one of our Nation slogan i.e JAI JAVAAN…JAI KISAAN
These two are about real heroes. Farmers serve Food and Javaans protect our country 24/7 without looking at our caste and religion. “Farmer is the back bone of our country. Similarly, “Farmer’s back bone is dairy farms & crops.

Cow is the source of milk (A day neither starts nor ends without a milk product) and cow/ox is source of agriculture. They do Love-Help-Service to all, even without knowing their caste and religion.

Farmer serves the food to all of us including the people of all other countries, even to our real heroes (Javaan-who protects us and serves the nation 24/7.
Cows only Eat the Food (which we do not require) and serving valuable products (like Milk, Ghee, curd, yougurt,urine ,dung …etc)  a lot to all Humans and environment.
There is no doubt in saying that cow is a Great asset to this world

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