Friday, May 5, 2017

Goseva world project plan key points:

3.     Goseva world project plan key points:

Our Project plan majorly focuses on protecting cows which in turn brings Good Health and wealth into every body’s life with below key point’s assistance

·         Awareness
·         Job opportunities
·         Education
·         Current and next generation
·         Save water, green life
·         Reuse and Re Cycle-Plastic
·         Safety
·         Security
·         Creating Health and wealth
·         For all professions-religions-languages-castes.
·         Values-kindness-support
·         And many more

Each Key point has valid and detailed explanation with more benefits.
We want to work with Central Government collaboration, create job opportunities and income source to the Government just by protecting cows and provide Green life to all.

All key points will be followed under a single theme “Values-Kindness-support”.
With this introduction, now I seek your support to Goseva world, ideas to take this project to greater heights. Together, let's save the Cows. 

***Let us say cow for all***

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