Friday, May 5, 2017

How Goseva world was born and reason to start this mission?

2.     How Goseva world was born and reason to start this mission?

Reasons for starting Goseva world:

During my college days back in 2004, our lecturer Sharif Shaik mentioned that cows are harmed by the plastic they eat along with food. his worry and Emotion were not reached to my mind and it did not allow me to think the impact of this topic.

After many years, I have seen this problem closely in Chennai in my locality; Cows being killed in accidents, eating posters, plastic covers, sand and got stunned when public were waiting in front of beef shops etc. Google says, this is not only happening in Chennai but almost in all major cities and states across India.

I was surprised to see a foreign lady working for our country cows and other animals through the Plastic Cow Project-Karuna society which is about bringing awareness on the consumption of plastic bags by cows, their surgeons recovered 30-60 kg of plastic bags, used napkins, nails, sand.etc.Through this process their team saved many cows.

These incidents troubled me a lot and eventually motivated me to initiate this movement with Goseva world. Goseva world has also designed a great project plan with new concept to trigger miraculous results to save all cows across India. I trust this project helps the holy cow and satisfies everyone in the movement in some form.

Together, let's save the Cows. ***Let us say cow for all***

Note: Goseva world is not to criticize any religion, any specific people, not to
 under estimate any one. It’s about facts and our theme is values-kindness-support.

Regards,Vishnu@Goseva world


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