Friday, May 5, 2017

Just Imagine If the cow speaks to you?

v  Just Imagine If the cow speaks to you?

Let us imagine for a minute If the cow speaks to you, what does it have to say

No matter your 

·         Religion  
·         Profession
·         Caste
·         Language
·         Either you young or old
·         Either you rich or poor
·         Either you help or helpless
·         Either you Good or bad
·         Either you beautiful or not
·         Either you in Hero stage or zero stage
·         Either you in success or in failure

All are Equal to us (cows). we don’t need any facilities like you(humans)…
·         No need -Variety of Foods
·          No need -Variety of transportation vehicles
·         No need- Variety of clothes
·         No need - Variety of technology

We eat only the food which humans do not require (Grass), but we serve to this world with number of benefits more than you. There is no doubt to say that Cow is great contribution to this world. Now it’s in your hand to support or not!

JAI JAVAAN…JAI KISAAN…JAI GOMAATHA…. let us say ***Cow for All****  

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